Winch Out Service

There may be a problem with your vehicle at some point that is difficult to fix. The unpredictable nature of driving can result in you running off the road, getting stuck in mud, sliding down a hill or getting stranded in the snow. Preferred Towing And Wrecker, which provides winch out services, is the company that you can count on any time you need towing or recovery services.

Top Rated Winch Out Service

We offer our customers 24-hour, seven-day service. We have drivers who can do what other tow truck companies cannot. Because of the type of tow trucks we use, we are able to easily winch out your vehicle, due to the type of tow trucks we use. There is a possibility that you might be surprised to learn that not all tow trucks are capable of removing the car from a hill, snow, mud, or ditch. As a matter of fact, they lack the proper equipment that was needed to remove your vehicle successfully.

A Winch Out That Is Effective

We have skilled tow truck drivers who can assist you with winch out work. Rather than trying to pull your vehicle out with a pickup and chain, contact Preferred Towing and Wrecker.

We have the tools and equipment necessary to remove your vehicle effectively. Many motorists have recovered their vehicles by using our rollback service.

Winch Service

Affordably Priced Winching Services In New Haven, CT

It is not uncommon for vehicle owners to abandon their vehicles because they cannot afford to have them removed. We offer affordable winch out services in New Haven, CT.

We wouldn’t be able to offer affordable rates to the local motorists if we couldn’t offer affordable prices. The towing company Preferred Towing and Wrecker is the one you can trust for all your towing needs. Our winch out services ensure you get what you paid for and then some.

Why Hire Preferred Towing and Wrecker

As far as we are aware, Preferred Towing and Wrecker is the only towing service in New Haven, CT that offers the same level of dependability as we do. To provide our customers with tow truck services, we have assembled some of the best and most qualified drivers in town. We provide winch-out services that will get the job done.

Since our drivers arrive immediately at your location, you never have to wait for assistance. Make us your preferred towing service whenever you are stuck in a ditch, hill, mud, or snow.


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