Heavy Duty Towing

On the road, there is no one like you. Asphalt belongs to heavy-duty vehicles, including buses, trucks, tractor trailers, RVs, or large construction equipment. Asphalt belongs to heavy-duty vehicles, until you don’t.

You Can Count On Us For Heavy-Duty Towing

Heavy-duty vehicles sometimes break down… slide off a bridge…get stuck in a ditch or under a bridge. The tow truck you normally use can’t handle an unexpected issue.

Choosing a towing company that is able to handle your heavy load is not something you have time to research. You should be able to call a tow service that’s fast, friendly, dependable, and trustworthy just by picking up the phone.

For over a decade, we have specialized in towing. However, we are not limited to towing light or medium-duty vehicles. You can rely on Preferred Towing And Wrecker if you need heavy-duty towing.

We Can Service Your Truck Or Heavy Vehicle No Matter What Its Make Or Model Is

  • Are you seeking a tow from one town to another? We’re here to help.
  •  Towing a heavy-duty vehicle off-road? We are here to help.

We can assist you with anything from buses to semi-trucks to tractor trailers to RVs and heavy machinery. We offer low rates for towing, whether it’s local or long-distance.

Heavy Towing

Before we arrive, our tow truck dispatchers will give you an over-the-phone quote so you will know exactly what the cost will be.

With Heavy-Duty Towing, the drivers are experienced and equipped to handle any task. Immediately after your vehicle is towed, we will fix it.

Heavy-duty vehicles that are disabled can be towed by large flatbed trucks. A flatbed truck can be used to transport heavy machinery or construction equipment over long distances.

Our dispatchers will work with you to determine which type of tow truck and equipment you need for your vehicle and situation when you call.

What Makes Preferred Towing and Wrecker the Best Heavy-Duty Towing Company?

We are known for our speed, friendliness, and reliability. However, here are a few additional reasons to contact Preferred Towing and Wrecker:

  • Our support staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
  •  Our drivers are licensed and insured to ensure your safety.
  • We provide modern, up-to-date trucks with full equipment
  • Our tow truck service can be dispatched within minutes.
  • Our drivers are courteous and professional.
  • Our rates are extremely affordable for local and long-distance towing.

Don’t hesitate to contact Preferred Towing and Wrecker. We’ll be there for you. We’ll help you get back on the road.


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